Friday, 24 August 2012

Crown Jewels

When it comes to jewellery I'm a big fan of simple, silver pieces.  I don't like to clutter my wrist but a few bracelets stacked together always look good.  I'm always on the lookout for online boutiques that sell different items, so I was pretty happy when I stumbled upon online retailer (and fellow blogger) Jewel Rhi.  After a quick peek, I fell in love with her friendship bracelets with small, silver cross or skull charms and at £3 you can't really grumble!  I popped an order in and four days later I was really happy when it turned up on my doorstep.  

The bracelet came packaged in a pink and white patterned bag with a note, which I thought was a nice touch.  I chose the colours pink and purple for my bracelet and although it wasn't what I originally thought in my head, I really liked the finished result.  Unfortunately the bracelet was a bit too small, so naturally I was devastated.  I got in touch with Rhi who couldn't have been more apologetic and offered to send a replacement out.  

When the replacement arrived yesterday morning I was surprised to also find a necklace, which she sent as an apology gift which I thought was really sweet.  It's a silver chain with a dainty angel wing charm which sits nicely under a shirt collar.  Check out Rhi's shop here and also her blog too! I've now got my eyes on the "Till Death Do Us Part", "Don't Cross Me" and "Sugar and Spikes" necklaces.  

Where do you buy your jewellery from?


  1. Lovely jewellery, £3 is such a bargain :)



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