Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Accessory Lust: McQ Pre-Spring Collection

This week Alexander McQueen launched their pre-spring McQ collection and ever since I've been finding myself clicking on to the website quite a bit. The dresses are amazing form fitting bodycons in bright neons and contrasting navy, but it's the accessories that have got me going a bit crazy.  From scarves emblazoned with razor blades and graffiti, to studded purses and gorgeous popper snap shoes - the McQ accessories steal the show. 

Handbags are one of my biggest weaknesses, if I had it my way I'd have some of the iconic shapes in my collection.  The beauty of McQ is that it's the more affordable sister label to Alexander McQueen, with the same amount of edge to it.  The Stepney tote is made from beautiful black leather and has silver detailing, including a silver razor blade hanging from the handles. The perfect everyday bag at a more affordable £560.  McQueen are known for their scarves and McQ is no different, boasting three different designs, priced at £110.  My favourite was this black and white graffiti print number, which is versatile to any look.  Every bag needs a purse and from the transparent coloured wallets to the studded leather ones, this was certainly my favourite.  This design comes in three different colours and are priced at £145 each.  Of course, we can't forget shoes (my motto is 'the higher, the better').  These navy sandals will cost you £370 and feature popper fastenings, a cylindrical heel and neon pink rubber piping, which adds a burst of colour to an otherwise plain look. 

What do you think of the McQ accessories? I'll still have to win the lottery to be able to have any of them (student life) but a girl can dream!

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