Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Trending: Pastel Jeans

It may be Valentines Day but I'd rather talk about my true love, fashion.  All the S/S collections are out in stores and one thing I've really been eyeing up is pastel jeans.  Now if you know me, I can imagine your jaw has just dropped pretty quickly, I don't wear jeans.  For the past four years, I've been a complete leggings junkie but something has changed and I fully intend to embrace this latest trend.  Here are some of my favourite pastel or coloured jeans.  

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1. New Look; £19.99 - These were the first I found and I adore the colour. Originally when I fell for this trend, it was lilacs and blush colours that I imagined myself in.

2. Topshop; £38.00 - Slightly pricier, these leigh jeans are lovely with contrasting turn ups.  

3. River Island; £35.00 - Admittedly, these are jeggings (one step at a time people) but I love the colour and they look like jeans with pocket and button detailing.  

4. New Look; £19.99 - Another of the cheap and cheerful New Look jeans.  This orange creme colour would look best with a tan and gold accessories.  

5. Topshop; £40.00 - An online exclusive, these high waisted beauties would look great with a tucked in tee.  I like the colour, but not sure I could get away with it against my fair skin.  

STYLE TIP: To pull off pastel or coloured jeans, it's best to wear white, grey or black tee's.  I really like oversized tops at the moment, anything from a sheer blouse to basic t-shirts.  If you're daring, go for a contrasting colour to colour block.  

I am definitely going to give this trend a go, even if it only lasts in the changing rooms.  Who knows, one day I might be weaned off leggings for good. 
What's your favourite trend this season?

Happy Valentines day from me to you xox


  1. I lovee the pink jegging ones, actually tempted to buy them now!

  2. I really like pastel colours. I find it a little hard to wear myself because I have serious British Skin (yet live in Australia ha) but i think soft pinks look the best.

    Love your blog. Just became a follower. Keep it up :)

    Luc X


    1. I am pretty fair too, but I think with the right colours you can pull it off. Thanks for following hun, means a lot! x


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