Monday, 13 February 2012

Beauty Review: LUSH King of Skin

If you want extremely moisturised skin just out of the shower, then LUSH's 'King of Skin' is for you.  I'm quite lazy when it comes to moisturising and if I'm truthful, it only ever happens once in a blue moon, until I discovered this product.  After Christmas I had completely fallen in love with LUSH and took to the website quite frequently.  When they released their fruity collection with I Love Juicy shampoo, American Cream conditioner, Avobath bath bomb and King of Skin body butter, I pretty much bought everything.  King of Skin has a lovely Banana/Coconut smell and contains shea butter, avocado and cocoa butter, good enough to eat.  

As you can see, my King of Skin has almost melted away, I will probably get another two uses out of it. I also recommend purchasing a tin like I did, to stop the steam from melting it before you get to use it (priced at £2.95).  Priced at £4.95, this solid body butter is amazing both in the shower or bath.  When I shave my legs I used this and it leaves my legs silky smooth.  It's possibly one of the easiest and no fuss products I've tried.  You simply glide it over the desired area and then stand under the shower or in the bath.  It doesn't wash off, but what I do notice is that when you step out you are left with water globules all over the body.  I just pat these away and underneath my skin is silky smooth.  If you do this in the evening and go to bed, most of the product will rub off, although I have found my skin still has some of the product on, so it is best to use in the morning.  It's definitely solved my lazy moisturising issue.  

I will definitely be repurchasing and trying some other ones with more abrasive, exfoliating particles too.  Have you tried the LUSH body butters?


  1. this sounds lovely, definitely going to look out for it!

    1. You really should, I need to pick myself up one asap! x

  2. I really like the sound of this, I will definitley purchase next time im in Lush xx


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