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FAQ: BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

A slightly different post today, but relevant all the same.  I get asked quite frequently on Twitter, about the course I'm doing at University, what it's like, what we study, etc.  I thought I'd do a FAQ type post so you can get a feel of my course.  I know when I was applying for University that I really could have done with talking to students rather than tutors and never knew this course even existed.  

Where do you study?
University for the Creative Arts, Epsom Campus.  Other Universities that do Fashion Journalism are LCF, Southampton Solent and University of Sunderland.

What A Levels did you take to get onto your Fashion Journalism course?
English Lit & Lang, Media Studies and ICT.  Looking back on my college days, I wish I had allowed myself to be more creative and chosen a different A Level to ICT.  It was dull, my teacher was a nightmare and I didn't enjoy it as much as I did my other subjects.  

Why Fashion Journalism over Journalism?
I've always wanted to write for the fashion magazines, and originally I was not aware that this course even existed.  I was applying to do Broadcast Journalism or just Journalism at Portsmouth and Chester.  A lot of people come to the assumption that my course is extremely specific but it's not at all.  We are trained in all aspects of journalism, with a focus on the Fashion industry and specific pieces we would write for them (shopping,fashion features etc).

What do you study?
This course is more creative and hands on than anything else I've ever done.  In the first year we had several units; News Writing, Fashion and Popular Culture, Interviewing, Broadcast and Imaging.  Here are a couple of examples of work that I did in my first year:

Imaging Project

Interviewing Project

Those are just a sample of my work, if you want to see more, click here
This year, so far, we have completed our Fashion Media unit which we had to write a column and opinion piece, as well as descriptives, straightups, a shopping page and catwalk report and we are just about to finish our Fashion Feature Writing unit next week.

Was it what you expected?
Not at all.  It was far more creative and hands on than I thought, which I really like.  It's a lot of hard work, but it all pays off in the end - like anything in life!  We also have to complete contextual studies which is the academic side of all courses at UCA.  It was never advertised with this course and it is essential and quite frankly, it is boring.

Pro's of the course?
- Creative
- Guest Lecturers from the Industry
- One to one time with tutors through tutorials
- Lecturers contacts with the industry

Con's of the course?
- Contextual Studies (yuck)

I hope this helps anyone who was interested and if you have any more questions please leave a comment or email me! 


  1. This is really helpful, it great hearing what others are doing at uni, and you get to know what the course is really like. :D xx

  2. This is actually really useful, I've got a conditional for Fashion Journalism for Sunderland and can't wait to start now! <3

  3. Sophie - Thanks, I know you've been asking questions about courses!

    Shan - That's great news, well done! If you want to ask me any more questions please do :)

  4. wow it's really awesome!thank you..
    and my name is yulie i'm south korean.
    nice to meet you.
    by the way
    i wonder, are you LCF fashion journalism student?
    i have a lot of questions.TAT

  5. Yulie - I'm not actually an LCF student, I go to UCA. Feel free to ask me some questions!

  6. i love your interview :) and good luck !

  7. Thank you Veronika, Interviewing was a unit that I was surprisingly good at - I'm quite a shy person and the thought of interviewing daunted me but not I really love it! x


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