Monday, 16 January 2012

Compulsive, Impulsive Shopaholic

My student loan was welcomed into my bank account last week and with the rest of my Christmas money burning a hole in my back pocket, I thought a shopping trip was deserved.  Admittedly, most of my purchases were online but I also did a spot of sale shopping too! Along with online shopping, I also booked flights with my good friend Gina (check out her blog here) as we're going to Spain for 10 days in the summer!

If you follow me on Twitter, or read my blog during the week you'll already know what a couple of my purchases were, including an investment which I'm SO pleased with.  When I get my maintenance grant (the one you don't have to pay back), I always try to make sure that I invest in something that's going to benefit me, last year it was my beloved Macbook Pro.  Without further adieu...

John Lewis; Canon 1100D with 18-55mm Lens £341
My investment buy was this DSLR camera.  I've really loathed the picture quality that my point and shoot gives when I'm taking pictures for my blog.  It is a great camera to take on a night out, but when you're trying to take pictures for reviews and what not, it just doesn't do any products justice.  I'm extremely lucky to have gotten this so cheap (usually retails around £400ish), as my Auntie kindly asked her brother-in-law if we could use his staff discount! I haven't had enough time to sit and play as I've had so much uni work to complete, but I'm already noticing a difference in my pictures and learning different techniques.  

Amazon; Canon EOS Rebel T3/1100D for Dummies Book; £15
The manual I get with the camera isn't all that, so I thought I'd get this to help me out when I'm trying to do various things.  It's 400 pages long, with lots of tips and tricks to help out beginners, which is what I most definitely am...

Amazon; Decal for Kindle; £17.99
I wanted to get some kind of skin for my Kindle, so that I wouldn't scratch it when it's not in its case.  I saw these Decals on Amazon and after flicking through the different designs I came across this Paris illustration.  The application is fiddly, a bit like a screen protector on an iPhone but if you're patient with it, it goes on well.  

Lush; I Love Juicy Shampoo and American Cream Conditioner; £8-10 each
You may well recognise these from my 2012 Beauty Wish List post.  These are possibly the most gorgeous smelling products ever.  I've washed my hair using them twice now and I have to say they really linger on your hair.  Usually after blowdrying or sleeping on my hair, the products smell fades completely.  These didn't. I then straightened my hair and usually the smell is definitely gone at that point. These didn't. Amazing! Oh, and they also leave your hair squeaky clean and silky to the touch!; Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush; £13.99
I finally have this infamous brush in my collection! I have wanted this brush for about 6 months now, but could never bring myself to pay the extortionate shipping fees.  I then heard about and the rest is history.  A word of advice, if you see this on the website and you want it, get it in your basket ASAP as they sell out within a day!  I'd really recommend Love Makeup after my experience.  I'd heard their shipping took a while but my brush turned up next day after despatch.  I've used the F80 a couple of times now and it really does give you a flawless finish.  A full review will be up soon, no doubt.; Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment and Deep Repair Masque; £11.50 £10.35 and £18.50
Another off of my 2012 beauty wishlist... I have only literally just received the Masque an hour or so ago .  I'm really excited to try these products as all the reviews have been rave and I've heard it beats the Moroccanoil Restorative masque in both price and product quality.  I'll get back to you on that! The oil treatment is literally filled to the top and the masque is an extremely thick, paste like conditioner that smells amazing.  These can both be used together to create an even more nourishing treatment, or separately.  

Harvey Nichols; Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone case; £30 £15
One of my sale bargains.  I recently had to purchase a new phone as my Blackberry became extremely difficult to use, it would crash on a daily basis and the Blackberry company itself went down AGAIN but not for as long as the first time.  I was fed up and got myself a refurbished iPhone 3GS to hold me over until my contract is up in September.  I bought this case in the sale as I always wanted a Marc Jacobs case.  

House of Fraser; Benefit Porefessionally Pretty £23.50 and Stella by Stella McCartney Eau de Parfum £36.50 £18.25
Oh Benefit, how I love thee.  I have wanted Porefessional for a while and while I was walking around I noticed the gift set on the shelf. Immediately I thought that it would be about £35 knowing what Benefit can be like when they add a couple of samples but when I heard it was £23.50 (same price as just Porefessional on it's lonesome) I knew it was fate and I must buy it. I then saw Stella and the 50% sale sticker that was on her box.  I've been lusting after this for a while as a nice everyday scent. 

Sainsburys; Gok Wan for Tu Satin Shirt; £25 £12.50
I've always had my eye on a few of Gok's pieces in Sainsburys, after it was launched in September/October time.  It was definitely fate that I found it today, the only one left in my size. I think the colour is gorgeous and will look great with some black leggings and boots.  I also think the collar is a bit different, a lot larger than the average and far pointier! 

Matalan; Be Beau Teal Chiffon Shirt; £14
I have a thing for chiffon shirts (and shirts in general), if you hadn't guessed by now.  This 3/4 length beauty caught my eye in Matalan, a place I rarely shop.  I picked this up for  a bargain price and know it's the type of top I'll wear to death.   

So that's why my Christmas money and some of my student loan went towards.  Have you picked up any bargains in the sales?


  1. cant wait to hear how you get on with the sigma brush :D

  2. Steph It's so soft! I will definitely do a review in a couple of weeks once I've given it a good trial! x

  3. Oh wow! Might give the Lush shampoo & conditioner a go as I've recently dip-dyed my hair and the ends aren't feeling too healthy! Love seeing that you've done a new blogpost! xx

  4. Shan - Ahh thanks hun! I bleach my hair so I have the same problems I expect you get! Going to give the Macadamia masque a try tonight too. xx


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