Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Vintage Family Heirloom

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll know that I've always had a thing for dainty vintage inspired jewellery boutiques, like DollyBowBow or JunkJewels 
At a family get together over the weekend, in celebration of my Mums birthday, we were talking about past relatives and my Mum mentioned that my Dads mother had left me a locket when she died.  I was quite shocked that I hadn't heard about this before but also quite excited that I'd be getting a Family heirloom, to pass onto my daughter one day. 

To me, an heirloom is better than being left money as it's a part of my Nan to keep forever and cherish.  I know that if I'd been given money, it would have been wasted on things that in a few years would have no meaning whatsoever.  The locket is real gold, although we aren't sure of how many carats.  It features an embellishment of a bird and some flowers, hanging from an 18inch (there abouts) chain.  

I popped the locket into some gold jewellery cleaner which certainly brightened it up, but on the inside I found no pictures.  I'd like to put a couple of pictures inside, maybe of both my Nan's but I'm not entirely sure yet.  For now I'm happy that I have a piece of my late Nan to cherish.  

Have you been given any family heirlooms in the past? 


  1. oh this is lovely... when my nan died I was meant to be given her ring and sovereign necklace, sadly my grandad is a **** and sold it all :( i've been left totally gutted as I have nothing that was part of her. Treasure this <3

  2. That's such a shame! My mums, mum who is still alive - her husband wasn't very nice, so I've been told. Maybe it's the generation they are from? xx

  3. That is really lovely! Things like that are so precious and personal, its so nice x

  4. I'm really pleased with it, thanks for commenting hun! x


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