Friday, 23 December 2011

Pre-Christmas Haul

Today I braved the great outdoors to go shopping for something to wear on Christmas day as well as pick some other bits up.  Initially I thought I'd wear a dress, but after the one I saw online disappointed, I walked around Topshop looking for other options.  

Topshop; £18
I picked these up as all of my black leggings seem to be falling apart.  These are extremely thick so I think they'll be hard wearing. You can't tell from the picture, but they have seams which give the look of riding pants.  

Topshop; £16
I grabbed another of these tops.  I recently purchased this top in a creamy colour and I have live and died in it ever since.  I love this powdery blue colour.  This is the Boxing Day contender.

Nail varnish in Moonshine £6, Kohl liner in Coal £4 and 3x Topshop Charity Bracelets £2 each
These were just random purchases, I heard about the charity bracelets and knew I wanted some.  I needed a new coal liner, and seeing as Topshop make up is made by MAC, I though £4 was better than £13.  

Topshop; £20
The perks of having a friend that works in Topshop, is that when you see TOWIE jammies, you can ask her to hide them from you.  Thanks to Megan (check out her blog here), I can now feel totes essex in bed.  

H&M; £29.99
This is my Christmas jumper.  After seeing a similar one in Topshop, but them lacking my size, I decided to try H&M for a sparkly knit.  The picture doesn't do it justice, the jumper has gold tinsel like thread running through it - looks gorgeous when it catches the light!

Boots; £20.41 (£5 off at the moment)
I've wanted a curling wand for SO long.  I've been umming and arring over which one to get and today I bit the bullet and got myself one.  I'm really bored of my straight hair so thought it was time for a change.  I've already tried them out and I love the way my hair looks! I need a bit more practice at not burning myself though... Ouchies!

Liz Earle; £15.25
I have an ever growing love affair with this brand.  My camera died before I could get a picture of what I purchased (oops!) I bought a essentials try me kit, which has the legendary Cleanse and Polish, Tonic and Moisturiser in miniature form.  I love the Cleanse and Polish, I've been using it for almost a year now and it really has worked wonders for my skin.  I'll pop a review up of the range soon!

I also bought some purple shampoo for my blonde locks, which I had touched up and trimmed today in time for the festivities this weekend holds.  Unfortunately, I will be in Tesco for the majority of tomorrow but I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve and of course the Big Day itself!


  1. looks like you got some lovely things! merry christmas x

  2. Thanks for commenting! I always go a bit mad on pay day! Hope you had a lovely Christmas x


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