Saturday, 3 December 2011

EC One Relaunches Website

Over the summer I got to help out on a few different photo shoots thanks to Push PR.  My first of the bunch was the EC One website campaign with Burberry model Milly Simmonds.  Browsing online I stumbled across a new look EC One site with the pictures from the shoot and thought I'd share with you the final product.  I think the website looks really sleek and savvy with it's new look, so without further adieu...

These are just a few of the images but I think they turned out great! They've also popped a behind the scenes pictures and even a video on their blog (featured below). The video has the smallest snippet of me interviewing Milly, which you can read here

*All images/videos belong to EC One

Do you like the shoot?  Check out EC One's jewellery, they have something for every accessory lover this Christmas! 

Thanks again to Push PR and EC One for letting me take part in the shoot!

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