Saturday, 19 November 2011

My day at Benefit

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen a few tweets about being interviewed by Benefit Cosmetics.  I applied a few weeks ago and thought my luck was out and I was doomed to a life of selling carrots.  I got a random phone call one Thursday morning and to my surprise it was Benefit HQ wanting to give me a quick telephone interview.  Of course, my mind went blank and I was convinced I'd mucked it up for sure, but low and behold I got through and onto the next stage - an audition.  

I rocked up to House of Fraser in Richmond, a bit unaware of what to expect and extremely nervous.  It was a group audition in which we were trained in how to use 5 products plus some cool tips (great for a beauty junkie like myself).  We only had 45 minutes in which to learn about the following products:

- Porefessional
- Watts Up
- You Rebel
- Benetint
- They're Real

It was a lot of information to regurgitate but after a small role play session we were thrown in the deep end and put on the shop floor (eeek!).  We had to get some customers to have the Benefit Experience.  At first I was rubbish and was sure I'd end up going home but after a while I got the hang of it and realised I was actually alright at this gig.  I even managed to get some sales! 

After 3 hours 30 minutes (ish) we all were tired and delighted to find out we all made it through to the next stage of the interview process.  I'm so excited about this and really hope I get it, I've been at Tesco 3 1/2 years and I've never been thrilled with the job.  I'll keep you all updated!

Do any of you work on beauty counters or even for Benefit and can give me some tips?


  1. Oh wow, congratulations! I really hope it all goes well! I don't work at a counter, but I'd LOVE to, it looks so fun. And although I'm not exactly the best person to receive advice from (with me never working at a counter before), but the only thing I would say is to be super positive and friendly. I hate going to a counter and the staff are just miserable and rude. It ruins my experience and just makes me wanna leave. Pretty obvious advice, but thought I'd try and help out anyway lol. Again, good luck, I'm sure you'll get it! xx

  2. The best of luck with everything, fingers crossed for you x

  3. ooooh exciting, good luck! I love Benefit, would be a wicked brand to work for! xxx

  4. good luck, i would love to work for them as i love their products, but i would be crap at the whole selling to customer thing, definitely a confidence thing, however, you would be fab at this x

  5. Thanks for the comments ladies! I haven't heard anything yet but you'll all be the first to know!


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