Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Handpicked Media Gets Social

Yesterday I attended the Handpicked Media event.  If you don't already know, it was a blogging and PR event in London where we got to meet bloggers, have great talks from industry professionals and also get a chance to put questions to a beauty and fashion panel, made up from extremely well known bloggers.  I didn't take very many pictures due to being so engaged in the event but I will put the few I do have, in this blog.  

The Bloggers Lounge.
I admit, I first off was put off by the price, (£75 is a bit steep) but when my lecturer told us we could get tickets for £25 I was instantly swayed.  I'm so glad I went, it was INCREDIBLE.  I managed to meet some new bloggers as well as see some old friends.  

Getting some lashes stuck on at the Shu Uemura beauty bar.
We had to be in for 9am, where we were signed in, given goody bags and then led into the 'bloggers lounge' where coffee and croissants were on tap.  To one side of the room there were companies such as Biotherm, Kiehls, Bourjois and Shu Uemura were giving out freebies or talking about new products coming out.  

The Shu Uemura beauty bar.
At 10am we were lead into the auditorium where our first talk was from Garry, who went through the basics of blogging giving us tips and tricks on how to increase our blog traffic.  After that we then had a series of talks from industry professionals such as Rebecca Miskin, Shaa Wasmund (particularly inspirational), Mark Borkowski and Jane Cunningham from British Beauty Blogger.  

The beauty panel.
My favourite part of the day was the panels.  We started with Beauty where we had the editor of ELLE, Jennifer, my favourite vlogger/blogger Fleur from FleurDeForce, Emma from Beautyandthedirt.com, Jen from A Beauty Junkie in London, Lee from The Grooming Guru and finally Dil who writes For the Young Dude

Jane Cunningham's blog, British Beauty Blogger.
After the beauty panel has educated us, we moved onto the fashion panel, made up of Lily Melrose from LLYMLRS, Simon Glazin from The Very Simon G, editor of FHM Joe Barnes, Ella Gregory from Coco's Tea Party and Angela Buttolph editor of Grazia Daily.  

How amazing are these lashes?!

It was a really good day and I learnt a lot from it and look forward to the next one!  If you didn't get to go this time, I highly recommend splurging the pennies next time as it was extremely worth it.  If you did go, what did you like about it? 


  1. i didnt realise the tickets were so pricy, i thought they were £50. I followed the event via twitter, and wished I was there. thank you for this report, hope I can make it next time and see you there!

  2. I think they went down in price after a while, but it was well worth £50 even though I was lucky enough to get a discounted ticket!
    Thanks for the comment :) x

  3. Thanks for coming to the event, glad you enjoyed yourself, we are already planning the next one.

    Ciaran from Handpicked

  4. I loved the event, definitely going to the one next year :)

    Found your blog at the Handpicked page and I'm following you now!

    Here is a link to my blog if you fancy having a look



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