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How to: Maximise Your Blog Potential #HPMSocial

Todays post will be slightly different from the usual fashion and beauty topics I go for.  After asking on Twitter, if those who couldn't go to the #HPMSocial event, would like a blog post with some of the tips I picked up from the event, I received a lot of 'yes please!'  These tips are all taken from Garry Davis' lecture, which was the first of the day, all about how to increase blog traffic.  

Blogging Tips:

1.  Quality and compelling content.  Lets face it, we all follow blogs because we enjoy their content and want to read more of what they have to offer. 

2.  Post frequently.  This may be a given (and something I need to get back up to speed with) but the more you post, the more hits you'll get.  

3.  Insert images in your posts.  It makes your blog look more interesting and if you pull them from google images, or another search engine, you're bound to get more traffic that way.  I've noticed that a lot of my traffic comes from the images I use.  

4.  Headlines.  According to Garry, a compelling blog title can increase your blog traffic by 73% (yes please!).  He told us that titles which feature 'How to' or 'Review' get picked up a lot easier in Google (perfect for DIY fashion blogs, or beauty blogs which feature tutorials).

5.  Social media.  We all know the power of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, but you should maximise these on your blog too.  All blogs need readily available buttons for these, as well as a contact page.  Garry recommended SexyBookmarks which is a plugin for Wordpress.  I researched and found this website which has different social media button designs to suit all blogs, it can also be used on blogger (yipee!). Also, don't forget 'Bookmark this page' - if readers think the post is interesting and they can bookmark it, they will.  

6.  Blog rolls.  Put the blogs you love out there for your readers to see.  Garry also mentioned us talking to each other and putting bloggers we met on your blog roll.  

7.  Comments.  A lot of bloggers feel downhearted when they don't have any comments on a blog which has taken them a while to produce.  Encourage comments with questions or ask your readers their thoughts.  

8.  ALWAYS reply to comments.  if a reader has taken time to comment, thank them! By rewarding comments you're encouraging them to come back and also to spread the word about your blog.  

9.  Tumblr.  Every blogger should have a tumblr according to Garry.  It's an extension on your blog and you can use it to link back to your website or use it as a more visual outlet.  

10.  SEO in a nutshell.  This was a big chunk of the lecture and I'm going to try sum it up as quickly as I can...
a) Google Keywords Tool - This is great to find keywords and how often they are clicked on.  Remember to include the keyword you choose in your title and then in the first 50-100 words of your blog.  (E.G. I have used the #HPMSocial hashtag in my title and post)

b) Alt Tags - Still trying to get to grips with this myself.  Optimise key phrases in images using alt tags.  To do so (on blogger) go to edit HTML on the post, then find the code alt ="[enter keyword here]"

c) URLs - Blogger already optimises this, but when you leave a comment on a blog, include your blog URL so the readers can easily get to your blog.  Also, on your email include a URL to your blog in your signature.  Wisestamp is a great website for this.  

d) Increase your internal links - Basically, if you mention a blog, link back to it.  If you mention your Twitter or Facebook, link back to it.  

e) Guest posts - Got a blog you love reading? Ask them if they'd do a guest post or perhaps offer yourself as a guest poster.  You'll both benefit in traffic as both blogs will be linked via blog (obvs), Twitter and Facebook.  

11.  Shout out to other blogs.  If you like them, link them.  If you have written a post inspired by another blogger or perhaps you've used another bloggers image, link them.  It's a great way of saying thanks and they are more likely to link back to you at some stage. 

And finally...

12.  Blog awards.  Nominate yourself, nominate your favourite bloggers, just get involved.  By nominating yourself you're putting your blog out there to other people and what's the harm in that?

Some interesting blogging facts!
I hope this has been of interest and has helped those who wanted it.  Leave a comment below with any questions or feedback and i'll get back to you.  


  1. These are some great tips! Was gutted I couldn't make it to the event though :( xo

  2. Thanks Celeste! Handpicked Media are planning the next event as we speak, I hope you can come to that one! x

  3. Fab tips, retweeted about the post =) xo

  4. Thanks Kia and Bex. Thank you also for the RT! x

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing! I found it really interesting xx

  6. No worries ladies, glad this post could be of help! x

  7. Thankyou for sharing! Those are some great tips and the little facts are awesome too :)

  8. No problem Kitty, glad it helped! Thanks for reading and commenting :) x

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