Thursday, 4 August 2011

An update, of sorts.

I wanted to update you all, so you didn't think I was neglecting this blog entirely.  For the past 12 or so weeks, as well as working at Push PR, I've also been planning away in my little head a completely new looking blog and have started to put it into motion (although you can't see much of a change right now).

As part of a new look blog, the layout will be completely different, including the header which is being designed by a fantastic illustrator who is set for big things.  The new look Non Optional is set to launch in September which will also be our 1st Birthday!  All exciting things are coming and I hope you'll enjoy the new site when it's launched.  

To keep up to date with what's happening with the new look blog, like Non Optional on Facebook by clicking here.  I will be updating with sneak peaks of everything from the new blog header, to the layout.  

Normal blogging resumes as of now! 

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  1. sounds good, hope all is well :D


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