Monday, 15 August 2011

Click, Flash! : 18ANDEAST A/W 11 Shoot

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the brand 18ANDEAST?  One of the perks of interning for a successful PR company is all the brands I've discovered along the way.  Another perk is getting to go along to the Look Book shoots to cover it for both Push PR's blog and also for Non Optional.  

As always, the ladies of 18ANDEAST made me feel extremely welcome and we had a blast.  I even got to do a bit of styling, I love a berry sock!  The model, Ria, had shot the previous seasons look book and is the perfect 18ANDEAST girl - edgy, feminine and leading a style of her own.  

The shoot was divided into three different looks; Colour Pop (including A/W's must have colour - orange) Fresh (a mixture of 18ANDEAST's signature prints) and Jazzy Evening wear (featuring that all important star print, but with a difference).   

Whilst on shoot we all fell in love with some boots which we styled with a lot of the shots - they are just too amazing.  


These boots, as well as several (okay, ALL) of the new 18ANDEAST pieces are now on my 'spend student loan on...' list.  Without further ado, I give you an exclusive look into the new A/W collection by 18ANDEAST.  

Colour Pop


Jazzy Evening Wear

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  1. you must be having the best time :D


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