Friday, 19 August 2011

Lust List: New In Store

I'm pretty sure I never stop online shopping.  Even if i'm only browsing I always end up adding copious amounts of clothing to my mental wish list.  I'm currently lusting after a new season wardrobe.  I want boots, cable knits, Barbour inspired coats and stars (lots of them).  This summer has been what can only be described as a wash out and ever since the weather has become increasingly confusing, it's only made me want A/W more. 

When online shopping the first part of any site I consult is the 'New In' section.  Topshop has to be my favourite for this as they update it pretty much everyday.  Enough of the babbling, here's my new season Lust List, compiled from what's new in store.  

Minkpink Poncho via
Poncho's are back in force for this season and I'm a sucker for an aztec-esc print.  

Shirt; Topshop
I love a shirt, they look great with anything - paired with jeans and heeled brogues, tucked into a denim skater skirt or just with leggings (as long as they cover your bums girls).

Tights; H&M
There's nothing nicer on a bitter day than wrapping up warm, but sometimes I feel a little mannish in all my layers.  These tights are thick and therefore warm and they are also a popular colour for this season.  

Boots; Miss Selfridge 
Like flip flops are a summer staple, boots are an autumn/winter staple.  I want both flat and heeled boots, so these would be a good start. 

Cape; Dorothy Perkins
I want a cape after getting superhero envy last year.  Need I say anymore?

What's on your new season lust list?


  1. i love everything here, and i too am wishing A/W would come quicker!


  2. i love the cape and the tights :D


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