Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Slippery Snake

The day I get invited to the Burberry bash of the season, I'll know I have made it in the industry.  Until then, I'm happy to blog about it and daydream.  The Serpentine Gallery not only has a cool name, but was host to fashions finest last night.  It's also a socialite haven - this is the party that declares party season you see.

Of course, a party like this calls for decadence in dress and the ladies did not dissapoint. My personal favourite of the night wasn't one dress, but one designer who seemed to keep popping up.  Pucci.  

Poppy Delevingne

Liberty Ross

Both dresses are perfect for summer.  Poppy opted for a slinky maxi number with a wrap around feature, giving her body a bit of shape.  The mixture of green tones is really flattering against her skin tone and blonde locks too.  Liberty opted for a slightly more sculptured dress, asymmetrical in shape and slightly rouched at the waist.  

A summer party wouldn't be right without a floral number and Tali Lennox looked stunning in petals. 

Tali Lennox with Erdem
This silvery-blue maxi dress is bang on trend with it's pleated chiffon skirt.  I love how the print is layered with the chiffon to create a much softer look than an out there floral print.  A silk belt is used to give silhouette to Tali's slender figure.  

There were so many outfits to drawl over, that this may have turned into an essay post.  Have you seen any of the highlights?  Let me know who wore your favourite outfit below.  

I'm going to leave you with the highlights from Burberry's bash, enjoy.  


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  1. Oh gosh, I'm one who loves lusting after fabulous parties but I had no idea about this one. Thanks for sharing...I'm going to get obsessed with the Burberry bashes now! I really love Poppy's dress but I have a sneaking feeling that only someone with her amazing looks would be able to pull it off. Oh well, a girl can dream! Great post x x x


You have no idea how much each of your comments means. Keep 'um coming lovelies. N xox

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