Friday, 24 June 2011

Glossy Box #2 June

It was like Christmas morning when I woke up this morning to find my GlossyBox left on the doorstep.  I was a good girl and waited until I got to the office before ripping it open.  Everyone will be in agreement that this box had a hard reputation to maintain and I'm on the fence as to whether it did or not, but more of that later!  Here are the products in all their glory:

(L-R) Mama Mio Body Buff, Lalique Perfume, BioEffect EGF Serum, OPI and Batiste.

So let's get into the little on the fence debate I'm having.  When I signed up, it was to get 5 luxury samples every month to try before splashing the cash.  Last time I checked, Batiste was readily available at the pound shop, not exactly luxury now is it?  On the other hand, this month they themed the box for the summer, which I thought was a great idea and also something that could keep this company versatile and original.  They've also made up for the Batiste with an array of discounts, 3 in total.  

Now onto my first thoughts for each product...

Obviously, you can guess I wasn't best pleased when I opened this, but considering the theme, I can see why they put it in.  I swear by Batiste so having a handbag sized one will be really useful.  

This serum is supposed to stimulate the growth of skin cells, hydrate and give your skin a younger finish.  I will try this after cleansing my skin later on.  I'm hoping this product will grow on me and make more sense after use, at the moment I'm a bit WTF?

GlossyBox redeemed themselves with this product.  I'm a sucker for perfume, and this smells gorgeous. It's quite floral, with what I think a bit of a spicy tone to it.  i'm definitely going to alternate this with my everyday perfume.  

Firstly, how gorgeously sweet is this miniture OPI?!  I have only one of these polishes, always tempted by the Katy Perry collection.  I love this colour, it's a mix of a raspberry pink mixed with a purple and blue glitter.  It's also the perfect colour for my outfit for tomorrow night, so I believe this could be fate.  The only problem with this is that the colour isn't stated, so if I were to re-order than I wouldn't know where to start.  

The last product was some body buff exfoliator.  Now, this again is another of those fated products, as I intend to fake tan so will need to 'buff' my skin before hand.  I've been told that Mama Mio are a great brand so I'm excited to try this out.  This is also a hefty sample, all 125ml of it!

In order of most excited to try, here they come:
1. OPI
2. Mama Mio
3. Lalique
4. BioEffect
5. Batiste (I already know this works..)

So that's it for this months first impressions.  As always, two weeks from today I will review products after use.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this months box if you received it or are merely reading this blog post.  

I hope you're all well and enjoyed todays sunshine.  


  1. i joined in may but i wont get a box till july so i will only get 2 boxes at 10 quid then they are increased to 13, bummer ha ha.

  2. I got mine this morning and was quite disappointed, I recieved the shower gel in lieu of the scrub, I was gutted when I heard some recieved RBR. I'm going to give it another month then decided whether to continue paying or not.


  3. May was my first month and I was really disapointed with it so I have already cancelled. x

  4. I think they have listed all of the box contents on the website. I got the silver glitter OPI and it doesn't have a name either. Great blogpost :-)

  5. The opi nail varnishes are: The purple one is from the designer series and is called 'Extravagance' and the silver one is from the same collection and is called 'Radiance'. Hope this helps :)x

  6. Thanks Amelia! I think I'll keep going until August and then make my verdict.

  7. i think im going to keep going until the price increase and then cancel... £10 was a round number, it was much easier to justify even though it is only £3... :s

  8. Great review, first I've seen of box 2! Loved the 'I'm a bit WTF' part. Haha.
    Bit of a scam to include Batiste, you're right, and also a bit crappy that they seem to be increasing the price as I read in the comments... Hmm. I haven't invested yet, but am definitely tempted.

  9. ilove batiste dry shampoo

    your newest follower Michelle


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