Thursday, 30 June 2011

Posh Spice gives birth to two babies...

No, she hasn't had twins, she would most definitely not be able to wear her Loubs with two buns in her oven.  Victoria is now a fashion designer in her own right, where as other celebrities such as Pixie Lott, Fearne Cotton or Diana Vickers would be deemed "wannabe's" (pun intended).  Posh told WWD that she has created a new line, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which will be cheaper than her current collection, at around £350-995.  No, this is not a diffusion line, but simply a dress collection that she wishes to sell alongside her main line in stores.  It's definitely going to be hot property as currently her collection sells at around £4-5k per piece.  

Without meaning to sound like a press release, I feel this collection could give her whole line a breath of fresh air and some new clientele that perhaps couldn't afford the higher end of the price range.  The dresses are inspired by a cartoon character, Emily the Strange and the collection is said to feature 60s shapes with vibrant colours.  

As a massive Spice Girls fan, I am more than excited to see the collection.  What do you think of Posh's latest idea?  I think she should take maternity leave... after all she is due Monday...

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  1. I think it's a fantastic idea.. but also know that everybody will take is as a diffusion line, because esentially that's what it is! Not that that matters much! I have been really impressed with her work- she really has worked up to become a real designer and I can't wait what she does with this line :)


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