Wednesday, 13 April 2011

You give me that hummingbird heartbeat.

Back with a blogging vengeance, I thought I'd show you a pretty cool website which features handmade jewellery (what else were you expecting from me?!) and also unique gift ideas from different designers.  I've been loving birds this season, and with spring completely sprung my garden has seen an abundance of the little twitters.  Of course I'm not asking you to wear a real one around your neck, but you should definitely check out some jewellery, featured here.  

All the artists are singing about Hummingbirds, Katy Perry inspired this posts title and Cheryl Cole also has a track called Hummingbird on her album, so why not back the trend with some of these beauties from Rosita Bonita's boutique on Howkapow.  Before I begin, I want to share a little bit on how Rosita makes her jewellery.  Rosita Bonita is Camberwell 
College graduate, Rowenna Harrison. Her unique pieces begin as illustrations which are screen printed onto fine, coloured leathers and then carefully assembled using vintage chain.  Pretty sweet, huh?

Hair Clip; £49.00
If you've been reading my blog lately, I've gone hair mad, buying most of the Umberto Giannini 'Glam Hair' range in a bid to make my hair voluptuous.  I love hair accessories too, and this would look cute whilst pinning back a french braided fringe.  It might also make for something cute with the Chanel bun I showed you on my prom inspired post.  

Necklace; £98.00
A great statement piece to brighten up any outfit.  I like how the jewellery range is inspired by the 50s - my favourite fashion decade!  

I also noticed the Lucy Peacock range on Howkapow, especially this necklace here:

It's quite abstract and I like it.  Another great piece to funk up an otherwise plain outfit.  The triangles made me think of Sara Bro-Jorgensen's designs.  

So what do you think? 
Check out Howkapow here.

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