Thursday, 14 April 2011

Hurrah for H&M online!

Fashionistas everywhere were waiting for the day that the slightly-more-expensive-than-primark-slightly-less-expensive-than-topshop (try say that in a one, it's like not chewing a fruit pastille - aint gonna' happen) H&M graced the online world.  That it did last year, only to thoroughly disappoint with it's shoddy look and the non existent clothes, not to mention crappy delivery times.   Negatives aside, this morning I awoke with an email from the shop - a new website has been launched and girls, there's more than 10 items per category.  

I've been on the site today and it has a far friendly interface (posh word there Nicola) and a better appeal that sites like Topshop and ASOS already have in the bag.  They have included photo shoots of the clothes rather than just a girl wearing the garment and it just looks 100% better.  Naturally, I looked through and found some favourites...

Oh, how gorgeous are these?  A great everyday shoe that I can see myself wearing down to the sole.  These would look great paired with a chiffon shirt dress (I will find you in Primark one day!) or with jeans and a top for a more casual approach.  

A great sundress with a great print!  It's a little bohemian so why not pair with a crocheted waistcoat? 

I saw this dress instore the other day and fell in love.  Can anyone hazard a guess as to why?  Online they also have it in yellow (see below), which I really like too - and for £7.99 who can grumble? 
This is a cute slouched top, great with a bikini, vintage Levi's and some espadrilles for a really comfortable beach outfit.  

So what are you waiting for girls?  Head over to - you wont be disappointed no more!  Now just for Primark to go online and the world will be complete!


  1. Yay, glad to hear it! I love H+M clothes but the website and some of the stores don't make shopping there too invititing! Off to take a look now :)

  2. Omg how amazing would it be if primark was online! They'll never do it though.. i think they're stock turnover is too quick.

  3. ooh that platform is a beauty.xx


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