Thursday, 7 April 2011

I Spy! Something delicious...

Since this blog began I've been on the look out for relatively cheap, gorgeous, vintage inspired jewellery.  I've come across the likes of JunkJewels, DollyBowBow and Cupcake Jewels.  I received an email over night from Joanna Pointer who pointed (sorry) me in the direction of Delicious Secrets.  Their mission statement reads:

As usual I've gone and picked a few of my favourite items to give you lovelies a taste of what's instore.  

First up is this vintage inspired rose necklace.  I think just by adding something as simple as this to an outfit would make it look just that bit more feminine.  I really like the delicacy to the design here.  

You know me, I like a floral pattern or just a flower.  Daisy's happen to be one of my favourite types of flower so when I saw this and the price I couldn't help but love it.  My only grudge is that it looks a bit too plastic, maybe they should use a textured fabric like felt?

These are so gorgeous and so cheap too, they come in a range and other than this one which says 'love', the 'imagine' and 'dream' ones stood out to me the most.  I would quite happily buy the whole set for that price!  

So there's a sample of Delicious Secrets range, they also have a special candy range which looks too good to eat.  If you want to find out more or place an order then click here.  


  1. The last one is like mine from Junk Jewels , I want one with dream on it x

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for your blog post. I am glad you like what you see on the website :) You are so kind, many thanks xox

  3. Hey hun, please check out my latest blog post (you'll know why when you see it :))


  4. I love the vintage inspired rose necklace. Sami xx


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