Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Right Royal Souvenir.

If you have ever been to a big white wedding, you'll know your typical souvenirs are the sugar coated almonds, in a pretty little bag or (if you're the psycho 'I will be the bride not always the bridesmaid' type) the Brides bouquet. 

 An amusing evening of flicking through, showed me the many a souvenir you can buy to commemorate the Royal Wedding.  Don't get me wrong, I am slightly excited about it (i'm a sucker for a wedding and, indeed, a romance) but do we really need a 'Barbie' doll Kate?  Yes you heard me.  A doll.  

I guess they are banking on the girls who couldn't get the 'engagement' dress in shops and would therefore purchase a doll to remind them of how elegant she looked.  At a non festive $195 I do think they are going overboard...

You can also buy many other items...

Even children retailers are getting involved.  I have to admit this is pretty sweet and my nearly two year old niece would probably love this... £15

Of course, you get the extremely stupid and then you get the 'okay that could look kinda cool'.  

These pumps are pretty cute and remind me of Vivienne Westwood's Prince Charming stuff.  You can get them on the day for £98

When I first saw this I thought, have you gone mad?  I then realised it said 'Kate' and 'Will' on it.  I think it's quite a nice idea to get the younger generation involved.  This comes in at £25 from Selfridges.  

And here are some humorous ones I saw...

£17; John Lewis


£30; Harvey Nichols (don't worry this includes afternoon tea too...)

Will you be buying into the wedding?  I think I'll just stick to my special Royal Wedding edition of Vogue, after all I'm only a student, not a princess.


  1. TkMaxx have wedding mugs - they are creepy

  2. cute!!! Love the frame quote and the shoes!

    jos xx

  3. Well its true. wills did ask me first but I declined daarrrling :)
    haha, a doll?
    Overboard much??
    izzy xx

  4. I don't think I be getting into the wedding. I may watch it if I happen to be home when it happens.


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