Monday, 18 April 2011

Boutique Loving: Forever 21

Technically this isn't a boutique as it is huge in America, but seeing as we only have the online store and one physical store in Birmingham, I felt the word suited.  Forever 21 is one of those online sites I go on rarely, but lately (even more so after hearing they were launching these shoes after the success of the daisy print ones) I've been paying much more attention.  It's fairly cheap, most of the stuff I really likes was under £20 (extremely surprising for me seeing as I always pick the most expensive items).  I've collected a few favourites which I'd like to buy once the student finance comes in...

As a budding journalist, of course a newspaper print stood out.  This is a really simple top which only requires jeggings, shorts or a bodycon skirt.  

Breaking away from my love of florals, I've really been liking aztec style prints.  This would look great with a pair of Vintage Levi's and a straw trilby.

Keeping in mind the aztec theme, I saw this one and thought how on trend it is, mixing bright colours.  

I'd wear this open with a cute floral (couldn't keep away from them that long..) dress and gladiator sandals.  

Such an out there print but so pretty, you could wear this with a plain spaghetti strap top and chuck over the denim waist coat, seen above, adding a trilby for an extra detail.  

So there are a few of my favourites.  I'll keep you posted on my search for the heels, but for now check out the Forever 21 site here.


  1. I absolutely love Forever 21! You can get some really good bargains. If only the shipping to where i live wasn't so expensive :(
    I love the newspaper print top you picked out. I have one similar :) xx


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