Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tips, Tricks and Cheats: Happy Hair Days

Every girls barnet is their number one priority to looking good.  If you're having a bad hair day, you're having a crap day in general.  I'm on the look out for some of the best hair care products and tips out there.  

Whilst shopping in Sainsburys (I know, I'm a Tesco traitor) I came across a new (to me anyway) hair care line called 'Happy Hair Days'.  It was on offer for £2.66 instead of £3.99 and claims to be Parabens (those things that make your cosmetic/hair/medications last longer) as well as SLS (yay for itchy scalps) free. 

As I have highlighted hair, I decided to pick up the colour care shampoo and conditioner in the scent Marshmallow and Coconut.  The first thing I noticed was the smell, it smells good enough to eat.  Secondly, the shampoo lathered up really well, leaving my hair feeling soft to the touch after washing out.  I then applied the conditioner, which was extremely thick in consistency and left my poor old ends thoroughly nourished. 

After only using this product once I was extremely pleased with the results.  They also do a thickening shampoo and conditioner which I wish to try.  

I get this product a 4/5 rating.  

The next range i'll be reviewing will be Umberto Giannini's Glam Hair range.  In particular the shampoo and conditioner.  
I got a little bit excited that I could see myself in the lids...

TIP: To maximise your hairs natural volume, leave to dry without blow drying.  You can still use mousse for an extra boost, but I've found my hair has more body when left to dry.  Of course, this tip's only good if you have time to leave your hair to dry.  


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