Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog of Note: Would you like some lala?

This is Lara, she's a fashion journalism student with a pretty lovely blog.  There are many fashion blogs out there and what I like about Lara's is it isn't all just fashion, it's a versatile mix of fashion, love and life.  I caught up with the lovely lady and asked her some questions.  

If you were stranded on a dessert island and you could only have 3 things, one fashion item, one personal item and another item of your choice what would it be?
If I was stranded on a dessert Island I would take a blanket (to keep me warm at night, and to lay on during the day), my i-Pod and a notebook to write things down :)

If you weren't doing Fashion Journalism at university what would you be doing instead?

I would probably be travelling or doing a gap year in Africa since that is one of my biggest dreams.

Do you have a catchphrase?
 I always say "that's the way it is" - it seems to fit perfect into every situation if I feel like bitching I usually say "well that's the way it is, end of the discussion" or when I try to cheer people up I say well that's the way it is, but try and help them change it if it doesn't make them happy =)

What are your guilty pleasures? 
I love to go out during the night with my boyfriend and his camera. We hide behind tree's, bushes, or street signs and make a photograph with a flash when a car passes. The drivers then think they were caught by a speed camera, and it is so funny when they drive back and stop to check where a camera could be hidden :D

What's one thing you could do every day without getting bored of it?
I could horseride every day. I never get bored of it, never.

Want to know more about the girl in question? Get over to her blog, follow, read and comment!  Click here.

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