Sunday, 3 April 2011


I hope you've all enjoyed the sun over the weekend, I've been stuck inside Tesco for the majority but got out in the sun as much as possible.  I'm one of the many millions that adore Cath Kidston and I've been after some of their bedsheets for a while, but when you're a student, you can't always justify 60 quid to sleep in.  One of the perks of my job is that I get 10% off everything instore (apart from petrol etc) so when I saw some gorgeous Cath like bedsheets at £16.00 (£14.40 lesser discount), I jumped and bought myself some.  

How cute are they?

I also blitzed my room when I got home from work, it wasn't as untidy as it could have been but it needed a spring clean.  I now want to invest in some floral padded hangers to hang some of my favourite clothes from around my room.  

I'm now going to go give myself a manicure but i'm unsure whether to paint them Raspberry or Indigo? 


  1. Indigo!

    Love the bedsheets - i picked up some similar last year in Primark and adore them :)


  2. I was actually looking for the Primark ones originally, but my local one didn't stock them.

  3. i think i've seen these bedsheets before, oh yes my bed, nice choice!


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