Thursday, 31 March 2011

"We are like stars, waiting to shine. They can dim us but they can't turn out the light".

It's a hard life being a Fashion Journalism student.  My university work took me to a gig last night where one of my favourite artists was playing.  You may have heard me mention her, the lovely Rachel Furner.  Now, I know what you're thinking, what kind of work could I possibly have been doing at a gig?!  Well apart from enjoying the music, I interviewed the lovely lady herself to use for my 'Long Interview Brief'.

Enough of the boring Uni talk.  I'm going to tell you a bit about the evenings events, but wont be giving too much away as all will be revealed in an interview piece!

First off, it was in a clothes store of all places, but it really worked.  There was a great atmosphere of around 150 people all drinking Gaymers or Becks.  There were two acts before Rachel came on, although her presence was felt with her striped keyboard, later named 'Claire' in the stage area.  The Stow were on first, who my best friend and I agreed were a mixture of Example meets The Noisettes.  Then Bright Light Bright Light came on, but I wasn't too keen on them.

Rachel was last on and I think most awaited.  She opened up with Feng Shui and told the crowd to go crazy.  In tow were her two boys, Bo on drums and Orlando on guitar - they are like a little family.  
She continued her set singing Unravel, Like Stars and two new songs Glitter and End Of The World. 

It was a great gig, and a little overwhelming that someone tiny could have such a big voice.  She scuttled off after telling me she'd return.  I then was grabbed by her manager, Luke to go interview her.  She was just as lovely as every other time I've chatted with her.  

I knew she'd be great to interview, she's like a giant bouncy ball full of energy and I'm extremely inspired to write this piece up!  

It was a great night and I'd like to thank Firetrapp for having my best friend and myself for the evening, although we were a bit upset we never got a goody bag.  Check out the videos below and if you're feeling the lovely lady, she's doing a Ustream gig tonight at 8pm - just follow her on twitter (@rachelfurner) to get the link!

And of course, keep posted for the full interview, coming soon!

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