Thursday, 10 March 2011

I Spy! New York based designer: Setareh Mohtarez

I apologise for the lack of I Spy! blogs lately but I have come back with a bang.  I'd like to introduce to you a new designer I've come across.  Setareh Mohtarez is a NYC based designer who combines shape, colour and movement in her garments.  She has a strong vision for innovation and fantasy whilst keeping a strong respect for classic elegance.  

Her collection "Brightness Dawn" was a huge success and it's clear to see why:

When I first saw the collection the solar system jumped into my mind.  I feel like looking at these are like looking at the different planets.  They are gorgeous designs and the shapes slightly remind me of David Koma's work.  I'm on the waiting list for an interview with her and I can't wait to hear her inspirations and what's next, as this collection was launched in 2009.  

This weeks I Spy! gets a massive Yay from me, but what about you?
Yay or Nay?


  1. Yay from me! Gorgeous shapes!
    Sami xx

  2. it really inspires me.It's like Christopher Kane meets Lanvin!


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