Friday, 11 March 2011

Interview: Gem Fatale

I caught up with Gem from Gem Fatale's Style to ask her a few questions and paint a portrait of this style bloggers last year at university plus, her intentions for the future.  

*Picture courtesy of Gem Fatale's Style blog.

Gem Royston-Claire, better known to the blogging world as ‘Gem Fatale’, is about to graduate from UCA Rochester with a degree in Fashion Promotion and embark on a journey of internships and babies. 
Fatale spent most of her teenage years in the “teeny seaside, OAP haven”, Bexhill.  In a few words she describes herself as a cat-loving girl with a “mighty chav phobia”.  A condition not uncommon to those people gifted with individual style,  “I like to put different elements into each outfit I wear.” Gems everyday outfit includes some rockiness softened by girliness and finally jazzed up with a hint of retro. 
At the age of 20, she packed up her bags and moved to Canterbury with boyfriend Alex and tabby Roxy in tow.  Although Gem claims to love life in Canterbury, she admits that she misses living by the sea.  “Living in the city is rubbish on a summers day, especially when the only alternative to the seaside is a field. It’s usually filled with drunks, chavs or even worse, bugs!”
Realising that she had an interest in fashion, the stylish student created her own blog, Gem Fatale’s Style, which has just over 1,800 loyal readers.  “I started the blog as a platform to share my thoughts and outfits with like minded people”.  A popular weekly feature on the blog is ‘Tuesday Tips’, a mixture of style and beauty DIY projects.  Gem decided to take this well-liked feature and put it together in a book for her final major project.  
With a love of blogging, Gem intends to look for magazine internships after graduating and pursue a career in writing.  As for where she’ll be in ten years time – “I’m ridiculously broody so we’ll be living in Whitstable, in a pretty home with some little kids running around.  The minute Alex and I have enough money, I’ll be knocked up!”
Do not fret, the style blogger doesn’t intend to disappear and after winning HP’s ‘Battle of the Bloggers’ award, why should she? “I was blogging long before uni and I will continue long after, too”.  
Check out her blog here.


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