Thursday, 10 March 2011

General chitta chatta'

I've just completed writing up my blog on a 3rd year - I promise to reveal who that is tomorrow! I thought I'd do a bit of a chit chat blog, fill you in on some amazing discoveries/happenings.

Firstly, one of my favourite boutiques, DollyBowBow, plans to launch her S/S collection in a week or so and we got a sneak preview today.

It's gorgeous and this isn't even all of it!  I have my eye on the ring, scissor necklace and the anchor necklace as well as the dolly bow!

In other news, I attended a meeting yesterday to volunteer for the British Heart Foundation's Mending Broken Hearts Appeal, which is a catwalk show.  I have been appointed head of Press and Promotion which sounds like an exciting challenge.  The event in itself is a genius idea - designers from my university will buy an item of clothing from a BHF charity shop and re-design to make it a bespoke garment.  This will then be modelled on the catwalk and then auctioned after.  I'm hoping to get some local businesses in on the cause.  

I have talked about this lovely girl many a time in blogs.  She's a friend of mine with an amazing voice and I'm going to be interviewing her at a gig on the 30th for my final interview brief! I'm really excited, it's my first gig of the years and I always have an amazing time with Rachel!  Check out a demo of her album track - 'Like Stars' here:

I have also bagged the lovely designer Sara Bro for my designer profile (another university brief).  I fell in love with her designs and I'm really looking forward to meeting up with her - she's just got back from Paris (it's alright for some!)

I also received an email earlier about an interview for an editorial internship, so there are some exciting things on the cards for myself.  What has this week brought for my lovely followers? 


  1. wonderful blog, so elegant!

  2. She's really good!
    Got that stuck in my head now :D
    izzy x :)

  3. ohhh interning for who? did you not hear back after your trial for the other one? I am going to listen to your friend now x

  4. Those necklaces are so dainty and cute! awww

  5. i still want one of those cross rings!


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