Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I Spy! Inspired Knitwear Desginer: Sara Bro-Jorgensen

Just a quick blog today guys as I have SO much university work to do.  
I wanted to introduce you to the designer I met today, this is also an exercise to absorb some of the information I got from today!  
She's different to any other designer I have met or love from a far, she works with knitwear.  Sara was born in Denmark and had trouble deciding between photography or fashion design as she'd always been making clothes for her sisters and herself but loved taking photographs.  In the end she did a BA in Fashion Textiles, then moved to London to do a masters in Knitwear.  This year she won Vauxhall Fashion Scouts 'Ones to watch' award and got to show her A/W 11 collection.  Here are some of her lovely designs for you all to check out.  

She keeps her love of photography within her work, using the print technique and creating Trompe L'oeil which she thinks is "fascinating".  

I like this look - cropped knit with shoulder pads, loving the 80s vibe here!

So what do you think of this designer, I personally say Yay to this.  
Yay or Nay?

Check back to my blog soon, I'll be posting the full interview profile on Sara! Also, I will be posting week three of my Neutrogena trial here tomorrow as I have so much to do tonight.  


  1. Ah I remember her now, I have photos of the show on my phone :)

  2. I say Yaaay:)
    I love the last look!


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