Tuesday, 15 March 2011

What's in the Chiltern?

I've seen a few of these blogs around and decided to add to it - I think it speaks a lot for your personality what you covet in your handbag.  

Meet Chiltern - I adore her, she's a classy bird.  The charm on the bag is additional, my best friend bought it for me. 

It has three sections which each has a zipped pocket.  I don't really use the zipped pockets, except for a mirror (which i've forgotten to photograph - ooops)

So in my bag you'll find:
- Clutch purse from Accessorize
- Cath Kidston train pass holder
- iPod Classic 80GB (headphones were in my Macbook)
- Revlon handbag sized hairbrush
- Soap and glory 'Hand Food'
- Vaseline tub in Cocoa 
- Moleskine notepad and pen
- Benefit Boi-Ing in no.1
- MAC satin lipstick in Myth (depends on make up i'm wearing)
- Clinique High Impact mascara
- Limited Edition Ray Ban Wayfarers 

Case closed.  


So other than this I just wanted to share the new Chanel 'Mademoiselle' Handbag campaign with Gossip Girls notorious bad girl Blake Lively.  I  cooed over these pictures for a good five minutes, she looks incredible, as do the bags.  Well done Lagerfeld.  Enjoy my pretties!

*Thanks to We Can Pretend for the pictures.


  1. Chiltern is gorgeous! Amazing bag. Blake Lively looks great whatever she does I think! xx

  2. We need to have a funeral for my Chiltern :(


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