Thursday, 24 March 2011

DVF popped in today.

I wish.  When I say popped in, I mean through my letterbox and no normal human being can fit through one of those, so it was in actual fact a book.  

I opened my amazing package a bit confused, expecting some massive hardback book but getting this lightweight book instead (she's so good to us fashionee's - lightweight, portable and handbag sized).  I'm already about 50 pages in as I was reading it on the train to London today.  It's really interesting so far, her mother was nearly gassed in the Holocaust and she was extremely scared about re-launching her line - something you would not pick up from interviews with her.  

There are some amazing photos including this one of her standing with a mannequin.

She's wearing one of her iconic wrap dresses and looks so glamourous.  

I think I'll treat myself to a bath with this book as I've finished all the work I needed to get done tonight!
How are you spending your evening? 

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