Thursday, 24 March 2011

Busy bee

What a busy few weeks i've been having, what with uni work becoming sky high, working at Tesco's part time and now maybe a full time internship over the summer (I know, I must be mad).  
I went into Central London today for an interview to be an Editorial Intern for, I hope I get it as it seems like a brilliant opportunity, but it's going to be pricey getting into London.  

Anyway, I wanted to show you my new find from MAC, which I blogged about at the weekend.  It was one of my buys from a shopping trip.  It's a lipglass in 'indigo pink' from the Jeanius range.  I wore it yesterday and took a couple of photos so you could see what it looks like on.  I really like it, although it's a little sticky for my liking.  

I wore it with simple make up and think it's a great colour, to get that statement lip.  
Now on to that mountain of work...

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