Saturday, 5 February 2011

Koma fever.

I was so excited to hear that my favourite new designer, David Koma, has designed five new pieces for high street fashion giant Topshop, that I forgot about the horific 9 hours I spent on the checkouts in Tesco.  

If you have read my Shoulder Pads fashion moment you would know I favour Koma for his asymetrical designs.  With celebrity fans such as Cheryl Cole and Beyonce, i'm sure it wont take long for the garments to be snapped up.  There will be 30 pieces for each style at £350 each.  David told VOGUE, that working with the Topshop team was "really exciting as I feel they [Topshop] understand me as a designer".

Here are the five styles in all their Koma glory, enjoy. 

*Collection in store February 18th

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  1. love this!! i love david koma! cant wait!


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