Saturday, 5 February 2011

All my single ladies, put yo' hands up.

For singletons like myself, this time of year is nothing short of depressing.  Valentines.  For people in a relationship, it's a holiday where you buy your other half chocolates and fill a card full of sweet nothings.  For singletons, every email titled 'the perfect valentines gift' is just another reminder that another years passed and you still don't have no one.  Well this year girls, I'm not going to feel depressed, in the slightest.  If you're single then I've got some ideas to get you through the dreaded day, that might just make you smile.

1.  Single girlfriends? Go for cocktails, Sex and the City style.  Bitch about past lovers, tell each other cringe worthy stories and laugh until you cry.  You'll feel so much better for it, believe me.

2.  Go shopping.  It's scientifically proven that retail therapy makes women feel better.  No need to justify yourself to the bank, it's science.  

3.  Curl up in bed with your favourite food and romantic film.  Ryan Gosling works wonders for a broken heart.  

Remember, there are other women all over the globe thinking the same thing, when's my turn.  Believe me ladies, our time is soon.  

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  1. Not single at the moment but I've had my share of valentines days and done all of the above. LOL. Awesome suggestions...definitely agree with the Ryan Gosling comment. Cute blog! Definitely a follow, check mine out at



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