Friday, 28 January 2011

Twiggy's making a comeback

No, not with another M&S advert, but her famous 'pixie' cut was first seen by Emma Watson, and now Ashlee Simpson has hopped on the bandwagon.  

I'm not happy about this, I love the cut on Emma, but i've always envied Ashlee for her hair.  Ashlee's hair has been noir, barbie blonde, auburn, short with punky layers, long with sea salted waves and now she's had a short back and sides.  

I can't find myself envying short hair, I love my girly 'blondielocks', and I can't see short hair ever suiting me. 

This isn't to say I hate short hair, Frankie Sandford has a lovely short crop which has a voluminous bounce to it.  

So girls, what's the verdict? Do you like the short crop or do you prefer longer locks? 

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