Monday, 1 November 2010

Vintage Virgin No More!

A definition: 'vintage; denoting something of high quality, esp. something from the past or characteristic of the best period of a person's work'

Since starting my Fashion Journalism degree it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of shopping.  I'm talking about vintage, the affordable kind of high end fashion.

After the Kate Moss launch I wondered around TopShops vintage section and fell in love with these crop tops by 'Recycle and Reinvent', 'each garment hand picked, unpicked and reinvented to change the future'.  They came in all different colours and each top had a different patterned bow.  I purchased the garment as pictured above for a measly £13.50 and although i'm not the skinniest of the bunch (they all come in one size), it will look good with a navy or black bodycon skirt, black tights and my heeled biker boots.

There were so many more good bargains to choose from that I feel this is a way forward for my student bank balance.

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