Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Shopping Smart Helps The Pennies Go Further.

Recently in a lecture my lecturer told us something along the lines of, "if you learn to shop smart you can have the finer things in life".  Lately i've believed that to be true.  Shopping smart can mean two things, buying staple pieces that you can mix and match to create different outfits, or as i think of it, getting designer garments at a fraction of the price.  Ebay, an extremely popular online market place is an easy go to place for vintage garments and even designer clothes at half the price.

I recently wrote a blog about what I wish to purchase, and the first item was an Alexander McQueen scarf, but being a student I was not prepared to pay the £140-£195 price tag that came with the garment.  Instead, I went to Selfridges and checked out the McQueen boutique, checking what a real scarf would have on it and then went home and looked on ebay.  I purchased a grey and black skull scarf after asking the seller a few questions and seeing a few photos for a measly £40.  I received the item today in the post and I was rather skeptical at what I would find when I opened the package.  To my surprise, the scarf was real, had the McQueen label and came with price tags attached.

With this in mind, is ebay and other online marketplaces, the reason designer garments are becoming increasingly inclusive instead of the exclusive luxury they are supposed to be? What do you think?

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