Monday, 1 November 2010

Kate Moss TopShop Final Collection Launch A/W 2010

Today, Monday November 1st saw a mark in fashion history.  Kate Moss launched her 14th and final collection for TopShop.  I was lucky enough to be at the launch party in TopShops flagship store on Oxford Street.

I arrived and stood in the queue from around half 5 and my friends and I were towards the front end of the queue.  The launch began at 7pm, press were everywhere and owner of TopShop Phillip Green and his daughter Chloe were also in show.

Before Kate arrived the first 100 guests in the queue (myself included) were given yellow wristbands and would be the first people in the country to browse Moss' new line.  Little did we know we'd also be browsing with the designer herself.  It was manic, as soon as we were let in everyone made a beeline for Kate Moss.  I managed to get some pictures of the celebrity designer, although they were rather blurry as i was being knocked back and forth, everyone trying to get as close as possible.

Kate left after about 20 minutes of trying jackets on and putting them back on the rack (to which was nearly the cause of my death as girls around me dived to get the jacket Moss had worn).  The clothes clearly show their 70's influence with floral day dresses, velvet shorts and an overall hippy aesthetic.  I for one would love several pieces from her collection, being an avid floral fan, if i had the cash to flash.  

Here are a few of my favourites from her collection:


  1. Me too, the tiger/lion/panther is made from transparent mesh-ish fabric. It looked nice on one of the staff that was modelling it.


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