Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Size Zero Debate

With Paris fashion week almost finished, i've begun thinking about the controversial debate of size zero.  There are two arguments for and against the issue, but still no conclusion to either.  The way I see it, you're either left or right wing.  If you're left wing you believe that garments fall better on that of a size zero framed model.  On the other hand, if you're right wing you believe that garments are intended to be worn by the majority of women who have a womanly figure, opposed to the minority who own a size zero figure.  

I'm most definitely right wing, i'm a 'curvacious' 18 year old student. I believe it is not healthy to be that size and I also know that all women are different shapes and sizes, so why doesn't the designer get this? I understand the clothes hang better on a frame that size, but that is only due to it being designed for that frame.  

Take Katy Perry as an example.  Here she is seen in a Karl Lagerfield dress from fall of last year.  To me, the dress screams for her gorgeous hourglass figure to emphasis the tulip silhouette. 

So where do you stand? Are you left wing or are you right wing? 

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