Thursday, 7 October 2010

Theres a new babe on the scene... and she's pretty stripey!

The year of 2011 may see the return of the 20's flapper dresses (thank god for Marc Jacobs) but it also sees the year of the stripe.  Rachel Furner has been all over the country this summer showcasing her talents at all the british music festivals as well as supporting Lipsy's designer, Pixie Lott. You'll usually find her with her team mates Orlando Sheppard, Bo Morgan, sister Kat Furner and of course her infamous stripey keyboard.

Known for her beautiful voice, this girl also has an individual style which she likes to think shows off her 'happy-go-lucky' personality.  When on stage she tends to wear killer heels, stripey tights, a floral/tartan dress and an arm full of bracelets.  People may be thinking, how on earth does that all go together, as it shouldn't - but oddly it does.

If you enjoy piano driven pop music then keep an eye out for Rachel next year.  Her first single 'No Logic In Love' is due out early 2011.

Click here to see Rachel Furner in action.

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