Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fashion Fix

Women in Epsom can experience a fashion fix this weekend with the 'Challenge the Stylists' campaign.  Run by Melbry, 'Challenge the Stylists' helps middle aged women who have lost their way with fashion, back on the right track.  With the aid of four experienced stylists, Bradley Taylor, Charlie Akanwa, Jill Chandler and Natalie McGrath, women can gain fashion tips on whats hot and whats not for their particular body shape.

The campaign works by holding free, personal consultations in which stylists will pull staple pieces, which they think suit the client.  The clothes come from local shops, House of Fraser, M&S, Next, New Look, Shoon, Body Shop, plus many more.  Alongside the clothes, there is also another stand called 'Colour Me Beautiful', for hair and make up tips.

I managed to talk to Jill Chandler, one of the stylists from the campaign.  When I asked her why she helps with the campaign she replied:
"This is my job for one, I get to help women with their fashion which helps with their confidence.
"Epsom seems like a very casual town when comparing to my hometown York, where we always dress up".
I also asked her who her main clientele for the campaign were:
"Challenge the Stylists is mainly aimed at middle aged women in a rut, women that have perhaps gone through divorce or are recently widowed and have forgotten all about their wardrobe".

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