Monday, 17 June 2013

Living Proof Prime Style Extender

Primers have become big business for the cosmetics industry over the last two years, with a boom in popularity and the high street market tackling the popular trend, so it was only a matter of time before a primer for your hair was invented.  A primer is essentially the glue that holds everything together - first helping to keep make up in place and now hair products and styles.  When I first heard about the Living Proof Prime Style Extender, I was initially skeptical but nonetheless intrigued.  

Living Proof claims that this will lock in your style for longer, that it's weightless, weather proofing and time saving.  When I first started using this product I wasn't sure what it was actually doing but as time went on I found that my hair was lasting better between washes, that I didn't have to apply so much heat to my hair, as it usually remained quite straight and that my hair didn't feel at all weighed down by the extra product in its routine.  The big test came when I curled my hair.  I, like many of you no doubt, struggle to keep my curls in place all day.  It seems the bigger the curling iron I use, the harder it is for them not to drop.  Using this and then spraying my hair with a curling product, I've found that my hair lasted a lot longer than it would have without.  

The product itself is a creamy gel, which can be used from root to tip and has a fresh, fruity scent - not dissimilar to Kerastase Ciment Thermique.  I use about a walnuts sized blob, warm in the palms of my hands before running through my hair and adding any other products I need and blow drying.  This is a product that needs to be used on wet hair, to help lock in those products and give you the longevity you require. 

At £17.00, it's an expensive extra to add to your hair care routine and by no means a necessity, but if you find that your hair needs to be washed every other day or your sick of your styles not lasting, I would say it's worth getting a sample and trying it for yourself. 

Have you tried any of the Living Proof range?

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