Monday, 20 May 2013

Summer 2013 | The Bold Edit

With summer nearly upon us (ha ha) it's time to whack out those lipsticks that really pack a punch. The season cries out for fuchsia, coral and orange shades a like and I've ploughed through my overflowing collection of lipsticks and picked my eight most summer worthy shades (most of them coral...).  Starting from the top and working round clockwise we have:

Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Hydrating Glosstick in Hibiscus; £13.00 - I've had this product for almost a year and I use it time and time again during the spring and summer months.  It does what it says on the tin with a creamy, highly pigmented, moisturising formulation that leaves a gloss like finish on the lips without any of the stickiness.  You can use this as a sheer wash of colour or pile it on for a real pop of coral, plus it has a gorgeous vanilla scent.  As it's a glossy product, touch ups throughout the day are required, but for such a beautiful product its no chore. 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 17; £7.99 - More true to form when it comes to lipstick formulations, the latest lip products from Bourjois are easy to apply with a creamy and highly pigmented finish. Number 17 is a gorgeous coral which is slightly darker than Jemma Kidd and less glossy. These last a while on the lips but touch ups are needed after food and drink or perhaps after a few hours.  

MAC Viva Glam Nicki; £14.00 - Another gorgeous coral shade (are you noticing a pattern?) that leans towards the barbie pink rather than blood orange of the previous products.  Viva Glam Nicki is thick and highly pigmented and really adds a pop of vibrant colour to any look.  I like to describe this as "highlighter for your lips" as it really is very bright.  The thick formulation makes for long lasting colour, and a great colour to have on you to take a look from day to night.  

Maybelline Colour Sensation The Vivids in Shocking Coral; £7.19 - I only bought this last week but it's a definite must for any who love a bold pinky coral lip.  The product is cream, extremely pigmented and applies like a treat, with a slightly sheeny finish.  Use sparingly and rub into the lips for a more toned down look or go all the way to give your pout a lil something, something.  

Topshop Lipstick in Legend; £10.00 - Unfortunately, this was a limited edition shade but I just had to include it. Legend is a true blue-toned fuchsia in the typical Topshop formulation.  Pigmented, smooth to apply and with that gorgeous berry smell, this is one of my favourite summer shades.  It lasts a while, but touch ups are needed throughout the day.  It feels comfortable on the lips and the blue tones help to make teeth look whiter.  A good alternative would be something like Sleek's True Colour lippy in Fuchsia.  

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse in Rebel Red; £8.19 - Something for the faint hearted.  If you're not confident going (p)out and proud with a bold lip, these balm type lipsticks are great for a slick wash of glossy, moisturising colour.  Rebel Red is great for lazy days as you can apply and go, without having to use a lip brush or faffing about.  Needless to say, the staying power is minimal but its so easy to use that touch ups are not  a problem.  

Rimmel Apocalips in Stella; £4.99 - These need no introduction as they swept the beauty blogosphere back at the beginning of the year but they are fab for blod lip days. Stella in particular is for the brave. A bright red-pink colour that leaves a gorgeous glossy lacquer to the lips, I absolutely love these products. These are beyond super pigmented, the colour pay off is incredible and they sit comfortably on the lips.  The only problem is they don't as long as I'd like and they are a nightmare in the wind (hair + lip lacquer = no go). Apply one coat, blot and apply a second for maximum impact and staying power.  

L'Oreal GlamShine Stain Splash; £7.99 - This is a lip lacquer and stain in one.  It applies like a lacquer, creamy and pigmented and sticks like a stain.  If you're going on holiday, these are great as once in place, they just don't budge.  They can be slightly sticky to begin with but once they dry, they leave behind a gorgeous glossy (almost wet looking) stain to the lips.  These do have great lasting power but I find I need a touch up around 4-5 hours into the day/night.  Like the Apocalips, apply one coat, blog and apply a second to make the most out of this product.  

So those are my favourite lip products for summer, but what are yours? 


  1. I really love the look of Viva Glam Nicki, I suppose there's only so many times I can talk myself out of buying it ;) xx

  2. They all are beautiful! I have just tried bourjois lippies and I really like them x

    1. They are great, pigmented and smooth to apply! x

  3. Love most of these lipsticks! Great post! :)

    Kelly xo

    1. Thanks for reading, hope you found a new shade for your collection! x


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