Thursday, 25 April 2013

Barry M Nail Paint Corrector Pen

I was perusing the aisles in Superdrug the other day when I came across a new product from Barry M, a Nail Paint Corrector Pen.  Now, I know there are already a few of these on the market, the most popular one by Nails Inc, but Barry M's version came with a much better price tag of £4.99.  

As the title suggests, you use this pen to tidy up nails after they've been freshly painted.  Although I've been painting my nails for years, I often end up with a splatter here or there on my nails and while it would be just as easy to dip a cotton bud (q-tip) in nail varnish remover, I find that the bud isn't as precise.  With the Barry M pen however, touch ups are a lot easier with the pointed nib allowing you to get into all the nooks and crannies.  The product itself is supposed to be melon scents, however I haven't really noticed that at all.  It's also acetone free and comes with two spare nibs to swap out as and when they dry out.  I know with Nails Inc pen, a lot of the problems came from the product drying up quite quickly, and whilst I've only been using it for two or so weeks, if the Barry M pen dried up quickly I wouldn't be as annoyed. 

Some might think it's a waste of money, but if you're forever changing your nail colour as often as I do then this might be a nice little beauty accessory to have.  I hear they are already hard to get hold of, so it's proving to be a popular product.  

Will you be trying this out or sticking to good old bottled remover? 

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