Thursday, 10 January 2013

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment

I feel like I'm always trying new hair products trying to find that one product that does it all. Whilst I was at the hairdressers a few weeks ago, my stylist told me about a new product she'd just got in by a brand called Uniq One. I'd never heard of this brand but a quick Google told me they were stocked by Feel Unique, Cheap Smells and Salon Skincare to name a few.  Uniq One claim that this is the first leave-in mask (a glorified leave-in conditioner) which benefits the hair in 10 different ways:

1. Repair for Dry and Damaged Hair
2. Shine and Frizz Control
3. Heat Protection
4. Silkiness and Smoothness
5. Hair Colour Protection with UVA and UVB Filters
6. Easier Brushing and Ironing
7. Incredible Detangling
8. Long-Lasting Hairstyle
9. Split Ends Prevention
10. Adds Body

Although I haven't tried the It's a 10 Miracle Leave In conditioner, I would say it's definitely comparable as both products claim to do pretty much the same things.  On first impressions, you would think that this is product is a liquid as it's in a spray bottle.  Just like me, you would be wrong.  Inside the bottle is a thick cream, a bit thinner than a normal hair mask.  You apply the hair treatment to damp hair before drying, although be careful not to saturate your hair with the product - it doesn't need much!  I've definitely noticed a difference in my hair since using it.  For one, it feel instantly smooth without combing and when I do come to brushing it out, there are no nasty tangles.  My hair is less frizzy once dry and seems to have more of an 'oomph'.  As for hair colour protection, I currently have a semi-permanent dye on my locks and I found that using this religiously helped maintain the colour between trips to the salon.  

If you're from the UK and find that It's a 10 is difficult to get hold of, I would definitely recommend giving Uniq One's All in One treatment a go. It retails for around £12 for 150ml of product and is readily available online and in some hair salons.  

Do you use a leave in conditioner?

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