Sunday, 6 January 2013

Soap and Glory Love

Soap and Glory is one of those brands I've heard a lot about, but had never delved in and tried for myself.  I have their infamous Hand Food sitting on my bed side table but other than that, I was pretty much a virgin.  Over Christmas I was given a couple of gift sets and ever since I've fallen completely in love with the brand.  Out of the products I've tried, these are my favourites. 

Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk - If you like the idea of moisturising your body with yoghurt, you'll probably like this product.  Smoothie Star smells edible with a mix of almond, cocoa butter, yoghurt, oat and honey and glides onto the skin leaving it full of moisture.  This is a great everyday skin treat.  

Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk - I was a bit dubious at trying this out to begin with, as I'm so used to my usual cleansers but I'm glad I gave it a go.  Although the instructions tell you to use in the evening to remove make up, I much prefer using this in the morning as the mint and peach extracts really leave your skin feeling refreshed and ready to go.  

Sugar Crush Body Scrub - The smell of this product is incredibly potent - in a good way! It smells strongly of limes, which is extremely refreshing.  I tend to alternate this with Pulp Friction, on days when I don't need to shave my legs as it warns you it could sting - ouch! It's a smashed brown sugar scrub with sweet lime and almond oil, which D the body smooth but doesn't leave an oily film.   

Pulp Friction Foaming Fruity Body Scrub - I've been eyeing this scrub up for a while, and I even went to buy it before Christmas but something told me not to.  I love this scrub, it's definitely my favourite out of the two pictured.  I use this on days I shave my legs, to scrub off dead skin cells and smooth the skin.  It's quite creamy as well as grainy, meaning it doesn't scrape your skin off like some scrubs can.

Butter Yourself Body Cream - This body moisturiser smells incredible, the new 'Fruitigo' fragrance contains frozen yuzu, orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence.  It's extremely thick and is great to smother yourself in when you're just out of the bath or shower.  If my skin needs a treat, I'll be reaching for this, and it's paraben free - what more could you ask for?

Foam Call Bath and Shower Body Wash - This product smells exactly like the body cream, so obviously they make a great combination.  It's formulated to ensure it doesn't dry out your skin and does the job. 

I've definitely caught the Soap and Glory bug and I want to look into their skincare line some more.  Do you have and S&G recommendations?


  1. I want to cry with how much I love soap & glory! xx

    1. Have you got a favourite product from them? xx

  2. I love soap and glory sooo much! Literally want everything from their range! My faves are Hocus Focus and Flake Away at the moment x

    1. I bought Hocus Focus today - got £6 off! Looking forward to trying it x

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  4. Replies
    1. I don't think I'm going to use anything else in the bath or shower (okay, maybe Snow Fairy) xx


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