Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sunday Update #4

This week has been spent adjusting to being back at university and the heavy workload our lecturers have thrust upon our shoulders - oh the life of a third year student.  Last Sunday evening I spent doing my usual routine; washing make up brushes, painting my nails, dousing hair in deep conditioner and so on.  Doesn't my nephew look cute in his Halloween "costume"? Speaking of Halloween, what are you planning on doing? I'll be off to a house party dressed as Luna Lovegood - I'm going through a serious Harry Potter phase right now.  

I made an online order for a hard to find birthday cake mix for my sisters special day and two bags of candy corn happened to end up in the box too... I'm a sucker for the stuff.  Being back at university and in my third year means the dreaded dissertation. I've began my research but honestly, I don't understand anything these theorists have to say.  I'm keeping my dissertation beauty related to keep me motivated, hopefully I wont end up resenting it by the time I had it in! 

I curled my hair for the first time in ages on Friday, using my Remington Pearl Conical Wand.  It turned out pretty good, the curls lasted all throughout the day and I even had a cute curled ponytail at work yesterday, result!  I've been loving my studded camo jacket that I bought from Topshop. I found this cute little pooch at the train station (with her owner of course) and she was extremely friendly.  Growing up I had two springer spaniels and this puppy made me extremely nostalgic, springers are a gorgeous breed.  

All of my favourite american shows started back this week including The Vampire Diaries - do any of you watch it? The season premiere was amazing and I'm already counting down the days until the next episode.  

How has your week been?


  1. Aww, your nephew is so cute! Little pumpkin :)
    I've never seen The Vampire Diaries, I always assume I'll hate stuff about vampires but have been proved wrong several times on that score so I'll have to finally see what I think!
    Mel x

    1. Thank you, he really is so cute! I really recommend it as a series, I think the beginning of season 1 is weak but then it just gets incredibly good! x

  2. Your hair looks so nice curled. Do you recommend the curling wand because I've always thought ghd's were best. Were they easy to use? If so, I might have to add these to my xmas wish list! Not long now .. hehe. xx

    1. I'll probably pop a review up soon but I think wands are far better than GHDs - I'm looking into getting the bigger version for more glamourous waves (think Blake Lively, Mollie King etc) but they may end up on my Christmas list too! xx

  3. Lovely photos , you're gorgeous xx


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