Monday, 10 September 2012

AVON Nail Experts Liquid Freeze

For the past four years, my nails have very rarely seen the light of day, having been covered up by various different shades of the rainbow.  That's a lot of time sat patiently waiting for my perfect manicure to dry completely before carrying on with my day.  It's possibly one of the most tedious tasks.  I recently discovered Avon's Liquid Freeze spray, after recommendations from other bloggers and I don't know why I hadn't tried it sooner.  

Liquid Freeze comes in a 50ml bottle at £6 although you can sometimes get it half price if you get it through the catalogue rather than online.  Once you've painted your talons in your desired colour, spray each nail with Liquid Freeze and nails become dry to the touch. The spray is quite oily, which is great for your cuticles but not so good for the surface you're doing your nails on.  I usually put a tissue underneath before I spritz the product.  

The spray works wonders if you're in rush as it prevents those unsightly smears but it doesn't completely dry them, meaning that dents can still happen.  I usually wait a maximum of five minutes before attempting anything that might muck up my nails, which previously would have been at least 20 minutes.  Overall, I really like the product and it cuts down on the time it takes to dry my nails. I want to try different products that claim to do the same and compare them.

Do you have any fast drying nail spray recommendations? 


  1. Apparently Elegant Touch have a good spray! Haven't found any myself yet but a few of my friends love it x

    1. Thanks for the tip (pun not intended), I'll look out for it! x


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